Positioning Your Organization for Growth

Knowing where your organization fits in the nonprofit space and finding your niche is extremely important and will help your biggest supporters to self-identify. Revunami employs a number of methods to help you understand your digital strengths and weaknesses compared to similar or competitor organizations, as well as help identify opportunities for growth. Some of the benchmarking and analysis services that Revunami provides include:

  • Website and social media audits – Our team will review your web content and/or social media channels and metrics to determine what content performs best, what performs worst, and where content gaps may exist. We work closely with you to understand your target audiences and constituent life cycle/milestones, and ensure that you have content for individuals at all stages of that life cycle. We also analyze donation and e-commerce pages to ensure they are optimized to grow your revenue.
  • SEO and Wikipedia analysis – We know that achieving prime organic search results can be challenging and we employ a number of tactics to help your pages rank highly for the terms and topics you’re looking to own. In addition to back-end SEO, we help you to create the most relevant content for your audiences and to categorize that content in ways that will get it noticed. We also leverage tools like Wikipedia, working to ensure your organization appears when and where it should and bringing broader awareness to your cause.
  • E-mail communication audits and strategies – Revunami is proficient at reviewing organizational e-mail communications, segmentation, and results, and helping you to develop a strategy that works hand in hand with all of your digital communications for maximum impact.

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