About Revunami

Meet Our Team

We’re committed to achieving meaningful, measurable returns for our clients… and have a a kickass time while we’re doing it.

Amin Tehrani


Wanted to be Optimus Prime (leader of the autobots).

Amin has extensive experience with digital revenue generation, digital marketing, application development and implementation. After managing JDRF’s digital activities for more than eight years, he started Revunami in 2008 to expand his successful digital efforts to other worthy causes. As Managing Director, Amin partners with clients’ development and communications teams to create digital marketing plans and strategies that drive measurable returns. Amin also has the pleasure of taking credit for the amazing work the team does.

Angela Kim


Wanted to be an opera singer.

Angela comes to the table with years of providing project planning, marketing administrative and account management support for clients, such as Starbucks, Revunami, and Upwork. After joining the Revunami team in 2016, they wore many hats, taking on detail-oriented tasks that maximize Revunami’s efforts in reaching their clients’ goals and mission. Be it generating Google Ad reports, or sorting millions of lines of data, there is nothing that is too small or too big for them.

Brady Sheridan


Wanted to be a horror writer.

Brady’s background as a freelance web developer means he is able to quickly adapt to established tech stacks and enhance existing projects. He provides full web design and development services in addition to ad-hoc web support. At Revunami, Brady leverages the latest web technologies to build modern sites and set up robust analytics and SEO infrastructure.

CJ Howard


Wanted to be a teacher.

CJ has an extensive background in arts event management and social media marketing, but her true passion is making people smile. She loves tackling any project, big or small, that makes a client’s life easier. At Revunami, she spends her days cleaning CRM data, diving into SEO audits, and crafting paid social ad campaigns so that clients can continue making the world a better place.

Francis Zinn


Wanted to be an astronaut.

Francis has 13 years of media experience focused in the programmatic display world. His skills were honed building and managing countless display, video, and social campaigns for optimal delivery and performance at tech firms such as LucidMedia, Videology, and Resonate. At Revunami, Francis manages display and LinkedIn campaigns, builds dashboards to showcase Revunami’s awesome campaign performance, and jumps in on other tasks like audience updates and uploading attribution data.

Hope Adair


Wanted to be a dolphin trainer.

Hope’s preferred title is “fairy godmother” and she loves solving problems and making people smile. In her role at Revunami, she focuses on client information technology strategy, selection and implementation needs, as well as serving in a client facing project management capacity. She is very experienced in CRM implementation and configuration, which includes integrations across clients’ tech stacks.

Ida Hladky


Wanted to be a singer.

Ida spent 10 years in event management, fundraising, donor relations, and database management at various organizations, including the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, before she made the switch to web development. She has an eye for aesthetics and is truly gratified by making graphic design mockups come to life as a beautiful, functioning website. She also unrelenting pursues problem-solving, ensuring there is either an answer or guidance for how a client can proceed.

Monica Griffin


Wanted to be a veterinarian.

Monica brings 20 years of experience in graphic design and art direction, wearing many hats along the way from developing brand identities to designing posters and mentoring designers. Having worked in various industries including the performing arts and landscape architecture, she enjoys collaborating with teammates to bring brands to life and use design as a communication tool. At Revunami, she designs social campaigns, digital newsletters and direct mail to connect with its clients’ diverse audiences.

Nadia Zakariya


Wanted to be a truck driver.

Nadia brings a background in creative writing and more than a decade of experience working at nonprofit organizations including JDRF, Livestrong, Austin Parks Foundation, Texas Performing Arts to Revunami. Her work at Revunami includes helping clients max out their Google Ad Grants, strategizing and executing social ad campaigns, creating compelling channel-specific content, and whatever else is needed in order to meet and exceed clients’ audience growth and revenue goals.

Nicole Dolan


Wanted to be a talk show host.

Nicole is passionate about creating memorable experiences, where human connection and community take center stage. Most recently, she spent more than a decade at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, where she helped grow the Out of the Darkness Walks to one of the top 30 peer-to-peer fundraising programs in the country. At Revunami, she helps clients leverage data and technology to define strategies for growth, cultivate relationships, crush goals, and create their own memorable experiences.

Rachael Lewinson


Wanted to be a professional basketball player.

Rachael has an extensive background in writing and editing and is passionate about spreading awareness of the amazing work our clients are doing. She began her nonprofit career at the American Museum of Natural History and JDRF before joining Revunami in 2012. She crafts content for a variety of channels including social media, search, email, and websites. She also manages search ads accounts, ensuring that clients effectively leverage grants and paid campaigns to achieve their marketing goals.

Travis Sheridan


Wanted to be a marine biologist.

Travis brings a background in building digital strategy and scaling fundraising programs for nonprofits including UNICEF USA, Covenant House, CARE International, and Habitat for Humanity. His work at Revunami spans client management, developing and executing ad campaigns, and business development.

Tyler Clemmer


Wanted to be a pilot.

Tyler has a boundless background in digital marketing and enjoys creating and managing digital campaigns that far exceed client expectations. With experience across Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and Programmatic, he excels at building omnichannel marketing campaigns that deliver results.