Case Studies

Our Clients


Brain & Behavior Research Foundation




Increase online exposure

Revunami began working with the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation in 2011 to secure a Google Ads grant. Working closely with BBRF staff, Revunami was able to use the maximum $10,000 monthly within a few months by driving traffic to various pages on BBRF’s website describing mental health conditions and BBRF-funded research.


After a year of consistent high ad performance, the account was upgraded to a Google Pro Grant offering an increased monthly budget of $40,000 in free ad spend. Working with BBRF to identify high-quality ad landing pages, adding new campaigns and keywords, and optimizing and adjusting to Google’s ever changing policies and Grant requirements, Revunami was again able to use the maximum free ad spend to drive traffic to the site.


During the pandemic, Google recognized a greater demand for mental health-related content and the consistently high performance of the BBRF Grant, and provided three to four times the usual maximum budget. This allowed Revunami to increase BBRF’s reach to new audiences and build greater brand awareness.


Since Revunami began partnering with BBRF, their annual website traffic has more than doubled, drawing more than a million visitors annually. In 2022, there were over 1.22 million new website visitors.


Between Giving Tuesday and year-end, we are able to retarget website visitors brought in through the Google Grant with paid search and social media donation campaigns. For the past two years, the ROI on these campaigns has been 7-10x, far exceeding the client’s expectations and allowing them to fund more critical research.

We have worked with the amazing team at Revunami for 12 years. They are an extension of our in-house team and have helped us maximize our Google Grant goals, achieve excellent ROI on our digital marketing campaigns, and grow our donor base exponentially. Revunami is simply the best partner for non-profits.”


LAUREN DURANE | Vice President, Communications, Marketing & Public Relations, Brain & Behavior Research Foundation

Colorectal Cancer Alliance




Brand awareness

Colorectal cancer can be preventable with the right awareness and screening. When the Colorectal Cancer Alliance (the Alliance) reached out to Revunami, they were primarily spreading their message of colorectal cancer awareness through email and organic social media, but they wanted to do more. The Alliance’s goal in partnering with Revunami was to reach a wider audience via paid advertising, ultimately increasing awareness and screening rates to boost colorectal cancer prevention.


Revunami and the Alliance collaborated on a general brand awareness campaign to cast a broad net using YouTube and display ads. That campaign was complemented with an online screening quiz that was broadcast through paid social, search, and display ads. By taking the simple quiz, within minutes individuals would receive a recommendation for whether or not they should get a colorectal cancer screening and what their next steps should be. The quiz campaign was a huge success, driving over 12,000 screening quiz completions and providing significant email list growth for the Alliance in the process.


Working with Revunami, the Alliance was able to reach new audiences to raise greater awareness of colorectal cancer prevention and get resources directly into people’s hands to take action. At the same time, the Alliance was able to grow their email list and social following to support the growth of their walks both in current and expansion markets, bring in a 3x+ return on digital fundraising spend, and grow the reach of critical programs that provide support to patients, families, caregivers, and survivors.

Revunami has been an exceptional partner to the Alliance, surpassing our expectations in helping us achieve our KPIs. Their expertise in building a comprehensive online advertising program has not only driven significant fundraising dollars for colorectal cancer but also raised vital awareness year-round, making a tangible impact in our mission.”


AMY GANDERSON | Senior Director,
Digital Strategy, the Colorectal Cancer Alliance

Museum of the Moving Image




Increase online exposure

After redesigning their website Museum of the Moving Image (MoMI) reached out to Revunami in March of 2022 for help obtaining and managing a Google Ads Grant. We began with a six-month trial partnership, as we often do with new grant clients, to allow adequate time to apply for the grant and maximize the monthly $10,000 spend.


Within the first month, Revunami was able to spend more than $3,000 on free Google Ads featuring current exhibitions and showings at MoMI to drive 2,300 site visits. Since then, Revunami has steadily maximized utilization of the available $10,000 monthly Grant spend with optimized ads for general admission, events, festivals, microsite articles, and more, helping to drive website traffic and visitors to the Museum.

Mother Counts


Maternal Health Advocacy


Microsite Design + Development

Every Mother Counts invests in organizations working to improve access to quality, respectful and equitable maternity care around the world. In 2022, Revunami was asked to design and develop a microsite for EMC to display the organization’s accomplishments from the previous year, along with goals for the next.


Entering its second decade as an organization, EMC wanted to focus on its work to transform maternal health within the U.S. through initiatives such as grant funding, policy change, curriculum modification, and midwife training. Using infographics, color-coded maps, image carousels, data-based charts, and integrated video, Revunami worked to create a dynamic, eye-catching site to convey EMC’s large body of work for the previous year. Transformation became an overall design theme and with this in mind, our team set out to give the microsite a transformative, organic feel using
EMC’s warm color palette along with soft, hand drawn lines and plant themed graphics.





Custom Price Calculator and related Sales Processes

Wellthy is a caregiving concierge service for families with complex, chronic and ongoing care needs. Wellthy came to Revunami looking for a solution to make Salesforce the primary source of truth for revenue and relationship management information for their company and to improve cross team processes throughout their sales, renewal and retention processes.


Prior to engagement, sales quotes were created offline on a case-by-case basis and there was no visibility across staff. Wellthy’s adoption of Salesforce provided the opportunity to create a more efficient, transparent internal sales process, but would require a drastic increase in adoption and use of Salesforce among staff. Wellthy identified the following goals to make that happen:


  • Make sure everyone is using the correct pricing
  • Have quotes visible in Salesforce
  • Provide a reconciliation method for Finance and other team members who take over the account

Although there were a variety of out-of-the-box products available that would work with Salesforce to help them reach their goals, Wellthy had only recently begun using Salesforce. Because they did not have full staff-wide adoption of the platform yet, they weren’t ready to make a large financial investment in add-on products.


After meeting with the team, Revunami provided a cost-effective solution to meet Wellthy’s needs—building out a custom pricing calculator within the existing Salesforce platform to provide initial client quotes with an enhancement to help Finance match final pricing with contracts.


In addition to the custom pricing calculator, Revunami implemented a series of automatic communication triggers within Salesforce to help facilitate the handoff of sales and keep the entire team on track throughout the process.


Not only was there increased Salesforce adoption, as a result there was a decreased lag time between when a deal closed and the implementation and client success teams got involved to improve the customer service experience. Wellthy was also able to improve the accuracy of pipeline forecasting and reporting.

Revunami has been an amazing partner to Wellthy since 2020. They played
an integral role in working with our team to ensure we were making the most out of Salesforce, helping us streamline our internal processes so we can better
focus our energy on reaching and supporting our clients and members.”


ALEXANDER NEWBOLD | Chief Administrative Officer, Wellthy