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Digital Strategy

A unified and comprehensive digital strategy is necessary for your organization or business to stand out and attract donors and evangelists in today’s environment. Creating a successful strategy can be a monumental challenge without the right tools and expertise. We take the time to fully understand your objectives and target audiences, and then help you identify the greatest opportunities for synergy between them. We’ll help you reach the right people with the right message at the right time, using tailored programs and solutions.

Digital Marketing

Does your social media strategy encourage meaningful conversations and create new relationships? Are you running cost-effective campaigns that attract high-quality leads? At Revunami we develop targeted and micro-targeted campaigns that deliver results. We examine your organizational data, demographic insights from social media, and behavioral data to identify the right audiences and to create precise, powerful messaging that drives action. We help you get your content seen and build your support base.

CRM and Data

Many organizations today are using costly systems to track various activities yet missing key insights and failing to unlock the full potential of their data. Revunami’s expert team reviews your organization’s data environment and works with you to reduce the time and effort needed to manage your data, while significantly improving its accuracy and reliability. We work on projects of all sizes and budgets—whether you want help with gathering requirements, the RFP process, scheduling, quality assurance testing, training development and delivery, or any other process.

Social Benchmarking
& Analysis

Knowing where your organization stands in the nonprofit space and finding your niche is extremely important to helping your biggest supporters self-identify and attracting new supporters. Revunami employs a number of methods to help you understand your digital strengths and weaknesses compared to similar or competitor organizations, as well as help identify opportunities for growth that meets your goals. We perform website, email, and social media audits, SEO analysis, and more.

Content Marketing
& Storytelling

Our writers and graphic designers have years of experience working with a variety of organizations, and they know how to make an impact without compromising your brand’s voice. Let Revunami work with you to breathe new life into your mission and help you motivate, educate, and engage your audience in fresh, new ways. Whether you’re looking to improve your Google Grant, Paid Search, Social Ads, Emails, or something else—we can help.


An effective website is crucial to accomplishing your organizational goals. If you want a more effective web presence but you lack the time, effort, and resources to build a website, Revunami can help. We’ll work to understand your needs and your constituents, design a cost-effective site, and optimize donation pages to drive revenue and help you stand out from your competitors. We’ll improve your site’s conversion rates, turning visitors and followers into email subscribers, donors, and loyal supporters.

“We think of Revunami as a true partner, not a vendor. They’re easy to work with, accommodating, supportive of all our walks, and continue to produce great results as we scale up our media spend each year.

We love working with Revunami!”

Darcey Mamone

Senior National Manager


It has been our honor to support an amazing roster of clients as they reach new heights and grow their revenue. We’d love to add you to our growing list of partners and satisfied clients. Let’s explore the possibilities!

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