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Are you using social media effectively to encourage meaningful conversations and create new relationships? How about creating cost effective campaigns that attract high quality leads? Revunami is highly adept at developing targeted and micro-targeted campaigns that deliver results.

We examine your organizational data, demographic insights from social media, and behavioral data to create precise, powerful messaging that drives action. We help you get your content seen and build your support base in a number of ways:

  • Facebook/Instagram Ad Campaigns – We build relationships with your constituents through a multi-step cycle that grows and engages your audience, reinforces your existing communications, and ultimately drives new event participants and donations.
  • Google Ad Grants & Paid Search – We help many of our clients successfully implement both Google Grant campaigns and paid search (Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising). From setting up an account or applying for a grant to developing ads and optimizing for results, we partner with you to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your Google Ads. Did you know that in addition to the standard $10,000/month Google grant, high-performing organizations may qualify for a $40,000/month Pro grant? Revunami has had extensive success helping organizations reach both levels.
  • Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn Ad Campaigns – Revunami manages social media campaigns across multiple channels as well as smaller, single-channel campaigns. We help you leverage your existing content and/or create new content that strikes the right tone with the audience and culture of the channel you’re using, and leverages channel-specific tools.
  • E-mail Campaigns – We handle all aspects of e-mail marketing campaigns from helping you build and manage your lists, to developing and optimizing content, testing, analysis, and reporting. We use a targeted approach to cut through the clutter and deliver clear calls to action to your audience.

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