Wikipedia Policy

Policy Details

As paid editors of Wikipedia content, Revunami follows the Wikimedia Foundation’s policies on Paid Contributions and Conflicts of Interest (COI). Since paid editing may be considered a COI on Wikipedia, we work closely with volunteer editors and collaborate on changes to articles rather than edit them directly. When adding new pages, we submit them through Wikipedia’s Articles for Creation process.

We will always disclose when a client is compensating us for the edits or additions we are suggesting. In keeping with Wikipedia policies, we have included here a list of clients for whom we have edited Wikipedia content.

Our clients must acknowledge that Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia and therefore all content should be factual, non-promotional, relevant, and confirmed by reputable third-party sources. All edits made on Wikipedia are subject to approval and to further edits, and we cannot guarantee that our proposed content will be accepted. We only recommend our services to clients for whom we believe we can make a solid case for new or revised content.

Revunami Active Wikipedia Clients:

Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
New York Foundling
Parkinson’s Disease Foundation
Volunteers of America
Brain & Behavior Research Foundation