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January 11, 2021

Leveraging Your Google Ads Grant to Support Your P2P Program

“We need to reach new people.” This is a pain point we hear often when we’re getting to know new clients who run peer-to-peer programs. Running these types of annual events takes a lot of work. Part of the secret sauce to peer-to-peer success is attracting new event participants year after year. The question is—how

January 1, 2020

Maximizing Your Google Ad Grants in 2020

The Google Ad Grants Program is an excellent resource for supporting your organization’s digital presence without having to up your advertising budget. The program gives eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofits the chance to advertise on Google AdWords free of charge. Eligible nonprofits receive $10,000 a month in AdWords (or $40,000 for GrantsPro) to create ads promoting their

February 23, 2019

It’s Time to Chat About Snapchat

We know… for many nonprofits this channel is a little outside the comfort zone, but comfort zones were meant to be expanded, weren’t they? Whether or not younger audiences are a major focus for your organization, they shouldn’t be ignored, and many older adults are beginning to catch on to this channel as well. According

January 15, 2018

Facebook and Google Roll Out Friendly New Features for Non-Profits

Charities received some very welcome help from Facebook and Google at the close of 2017. Google launched a new ‘Donate’ button on its search engine and Facebook eliminated transaction fees on charitable donations. Both these features could mean a big boost in revenue for participating organizations. Google’s Donate button, which launched on Giving Tuesday (November