Online Marketing: Social Media/Digital Strategy – Various Clients

Challenge: It seems that every day a new site such as Google+, Instagram, or Pinterest pops up and everyone says my organization needs to have a presence on it. What should we do?

Solution: Once a new site or service comes out, everyone tells you that you have to be on it. But it’s not just about being there. First, your organization must figure out what exactly it wants to accomplish, then your actions must lead toward this goal. Otherwise, you’ll spend a lot of time on non-value-creating activities.

Revunami works with each of its clients to understand the organization’s mission and fundraising vehicles, then develops a strategy designed to drive revenue and support the mission. Rather than take a passive approach to attracting new donors and constituents, Revunami will create a strategy that connects you with donors where they are.

Success Stories: Using strategies developed and implemented by Revunami staffers, JDRF has been able to connect with over 500,000 cause supporters on Facebook. JDRF also deployed an application that allows walkers and riders to fundraise in support of their Walk or Ride through Facebook.