Digital Strategy/Data Strategy: Avon Foundation – Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

Challenge: The foundation is investing a significant amount of time and money to run its walkathon. It has numerous databases, web sites, and spreadsheets, but it still feels it should be realizing a better return on its technology investment. Is there an easier way?

Solution: Revunami was hired for a six-month engagement to analyze all the foundation’s online and IT activities. During those six months, Revunami provided a long-term strategic vision for how the foundation should use the Internet for fundraising and communications, and what system it should use to ease the burden on staff. Revunami delivered a comprehensive plan and vision for the foundation including changes in site design, system architecture, workflow, and staffing. Revunami’s plan also included short-term actions that could be taken immediately to drastically increase revenue. The Avon Foundation has since realized a measurable return on its investment in Information Technology and a more efficient use of resources.