From Facebook to CheckbookPromoting your organization on Facebook seems like a no-brainer. Facebook is ubiquitous, everyone has it, and people are on it all the time.

But if Facebook is such a great promotional tool, why do so many organizations struggle to make it work effectively? Here are some of the main Facebook challenges we hear from our clients:

Revunami_Facebook_GoogleGrants_v5“Plenty of people like our page, but, like, what’s the value of a “like?” How does a like lead to further engagement and support?

Revunami_Facebook_GoogleGrants_v5“Most of the people who like our page don’t see the updates we post. They’re too busy looking at kitten videos and baby pictures!

Revunami_Facebook_GoogleGrants_v5“Facebook hasn’t led to any new revenue so far. Show us the money!

At Revunami, we take a different approach to Facebook engagement. Our goal isn’t just to get your organization more “likes.” Instead, we take a strategic approach and build relationships with your constituents through a multi-step cycle that grows and engages your Facebook audience, reinforces your existing communications, and ultimately drives new event participants and donations.

Sound complicated? It’s actually pretty simple. Here’s how it works:


THE RESULT? A directed Facebook strategy that ensures your audience sees your ads, your fan base continually grows, your “likes” lead to further engagement, and your Facebook constituents become participants and donors!

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“Revunami successfully tripled our Facebook fans in a few short months – many of which
were converted into event participants!” –Jessica Scheps / Closer to Free Ride

“Revunami increased our Facebook likes 300% by targeting our specific demographic and creating campaigns to successfully increase registrations.” –Ally Brooks / Rock ‘n’ Stroller 5K

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